Our History

For over 50 years CCP, Inc. has created innovative benefit plans for many of the largest companies, medical groups, and law firms in the country. Our experience uniquely positions us to offer services that will help insurance brokers and organizations with:

High Limit Protection for Highly Compensated Individuals/Groups

CCP brings solutions to the highly compensated in your organization through Guaranteed Standard Issue benefits for ALL income levels insuring both income and equity compensation. Traditional group and individual income carriers fail to meet the increasing demands of highly compensated individuals. Most carriers limit issue levels to $25,000 a month which leaves those earning $500,000 a year or more under insured.

Supplemental Disability Insurance Programs

CCP designs, communicates and enrolls supplemental disability insurance programs to match the goals and benefit goals of each organization. Disability programs that include non-cancellable or guaranteed renewable benefits are an integral part of every organization's benefit programs.

Our proprietary products include:

Enrollsecure Enrollment System

Implementing Enrollsecure benefit programs is a hassle-free, and highly effective process for brokers and organizations such as law firms, medical groups, and corporations. CCP assumes the responsibility for all enrollment, communication and administrative tasks. While we handle these time-consuming and labor intensive tasks, you can save money and focus on sales and service. Click here to schedule a live demo.

In addition, our communication and enrollment components have the following advantages:

  •     - Customized benefits and rates for each client/employee/member
  •     - 100% e-signature capabilities that eliminate the need for paper applications
  •     - Highly-effective marketing and educational features


CCP led and co-developed this effort. Three patents, two IRS Private Letter Rulings and one IRS Final regulation were obtained for the realization of our mission - to guarantee that all retirement plan participants can have the peace of mind of knowing, and financial security, that their retirement plan contributions will continue upon a disability.

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