Continue contributions to savings plans if you become disabled, so retirement assets continue to grow as if you were working.

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Corporate CompensATION PLANS (CCP)

For over 40 years CCP has created, communicated and enrolled innovative, tax-creative benefit plans to many of the largest companies and law firms in the country. In addition, we have created the complimentary IT Systems to communicate, enroll and administer these programs.

This experience, expertise, and insurance knowledge uniquely positions us to offer services that will help organizations in their continuing efforts to attract and retain top talent, and assist insurance agents and advisors to increase their revenues and attract new clients.

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Multi-life solutions for new and existing clients.

We help insurance agents open the doors to an insurance market that consists of very highly-compensated individuals, their employers, their partnerships and their medical faculty practice plans – a market that is virtually untapped. We provide administrative, communication and enrollment services that are necessary to reach these larger clients along with the high-net worth marketplace.

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Our communication and enrollment components have the following advantages:

  • 100% e-signature capabilities that eliminate the need for paper applications.
  • Highly-effective communication and educational features including custom made videos.
  • Customized benefits and features online for each employee that eliminate the need for cumbersome rate charts.

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Attract and retain top talent.

Innovative benefit solutions for your employees AND those affiliated with your organization.  Guaranteed standard issue programs for highly compensated individuals - employed or affiliated.

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